Other Spider-Man Series Reviewed

Spectacular Spider-Man – 8/10 / Disney XD’s Spider-Man – 2/10 / Ultimate – 7.9/10 / Spider-Man – 3/10 / Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 6/10

Spider-Man -ghastly in awful high school project-looking animation style and incredibly slow and too dark-toned for spider-man. 3/10.

Spectacular Spider-Man – Impressive in animation style with its own motif/vibe, impressive comic-accurate gadgetry, and quirky zip, despite a too-young look for Spidey. 8/10.

Marvel”s Spider-Man (Disney XD) – Despite decency in (although muted-color) animation resources, Disney XD’s wholly-unoriginal (Raimi-copied) crack at Spider-Man is instantly doomed with an unlikeable, hyper know-it-all Peter. 2/10.

Ultimate Spider-Man – right tone, good spider-man, tons of easter eggs including iron-man/cap and mcu connections. 7.9/10.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Driends – endearing nostalgia-rife comic tone golden-age feeling, but awful decision to have two rando sidekicks iceman and fire woman instead of marvel a-listers like cap and iron man, and an admitted copy of Super-Friends. 6/10.

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