28 Weeks Later (2007)

From its intimate-scale, offbeat experimental opening to pulse-rattling sniper action, exciting pilot project idea of rebuilding society AFTER apocalyptica, and shockingly-inspired performances, 28WL is a good/almost-great sequel._7.8/10.

Plot Synopsis: Six months after the original epidemic, the rage virus has all but annihilated the population of the British Isles. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army declares the danger past, and American soldiers arrive to restore order and begin reconstruction. Refugees return to British soil, but one of them carries a deadly secret: The virus is not gone and is even more dangerous than before.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*


28 (Insert Time Period) Later

A Sequel To Boyle’s Game-Changing Political Allegory – With Some Additional Zombies

The Opening

An Intimate Scale, Offbeat, Experimental Intro That Stands As One Of The Best Zombie Scenes. Ever.

A Brilliant Idea

A Time-Jump & Pilot Program Into How It Looks To Rebuild Society After Apocalyptica

The Cast & Pace

A Hollywood Roster That Surprisingly Finds Depth And Pulse-Rattling, High-Octane Sniper-Bulleted Nightset Action Thrills

A Human Underline

Authentic To The Original, 28WL Does Tackle Existential Topics And Ideas Core To Mankind As Well – Albeit Less Inspiredly & Elegantly

A Trigger-Happy Finale

A Formulaic Ending That Betrays The Rest Of The Film Worse Than Don Did – And Borders Uncomfortably Into Genericism Territory

A Great Sequel – Until Its Final Act

What Might’ve Even Challenged Or Passed The Original If It Was Able To Keep Up Its First 30 Min Still Manages Hyper-Addictive Human Folly & Pulse-Rattling Zombie Thrills

From its intimate-scale, offbeat experimental opening to the pulse-rattling sniper-bulleted nightset action, exciting idea of a pilot project into what it looks like to rebuild a society AFTER apocalyptica, and shockingly-inspired character performances by Hollywood veterans, 28WL weaves a hyper-addictive human tale whose biggest adversary is not zombies, but ourselves – and somehow manages to challenge its masterpiece predecessor. 8/10.

Pros: extremely bold opening family portrait dusky dusty filter almost feels like an immigrant’s family portrait from long ago with hints it happened during pandemic before classical paradox stranger begging for help good samaritan parable but this time even more sadistic little boy so let in.. to their demise, ethical dillemma should guy feel sorry yes lost wife but she chose to go back and not fair for him to die because of her bad choice – one of the most powerful openings ever in a zombie genre piece has to leave family behind survival intimate scale to massive palpable pulse-rattling excitement and how legendary these zombies are they RUN after you //// very intriguing angle and subversion of expectations 28 days -> weeks would THINK it would be worse pandemic all over world but zombies die infection some level of human biology left and rebuild /// fantasting idea of how to rebuild society AFTER apocalyptica/pandemic what would change who would step in take control american govt bigger military occupation surveillance rules and laws changed etc.? /// star-studded cast idris elba jeremy renner rose byrne /// weaves a masterfully addictive and entrhralling human tale of betrayal survival lies and disbelief /// still echoes pandemonium and humanity follies when inevitable outbreak hits /// personal intimate camera angles taking you inside the action even pov and headcams of zombies /// even MORE sadistic design takes fun in like having people trapped inside with zombie and witnessing it turn one by one sitting ducks with nowhere to run PURE EVIL /// ACTION PICKS UP INSANE IN HEIGHTS sniper bullets with surgical precision taking out zombies RUNNING in the middle of a crowd of civilians WILD //// human folly shines through thought they could control this but can’t design and have to turn on everyone what do you do when your commanding officer tells you to target innocent scared people but for containment /// the TRUE horror isn’t zombies in thhis one – it’s mankind folly delusions of grandeur/control and over confidence when they don’t know what they’re doing //// the PERFECT complement piece in a radically different genre than first more tame and sharp political allegory with message vs high-octane thriller /// better cinematography than original full of socially-commentative shots and dynamic VFX even explosions look better than most big-budget action movies yet still maintains a human narrative //// people turn on their own units /// family and human tale still extremely potent and prevalent underneath all the action /// good perforemances especially robert calyle and jeremy renner and imogen poots

Cons: shaky cam galore /// does feel a little anticlimactic in the opening without more exposition of what happened those 28 weeks beforehand: America? UK? THE WORLD?! /// act3 does get a little trigger happy with the Michael Bay explosions and violence (helicopter kill scene was..) and ends a little sloppily without feeling concrete and final – hate the fact that it forces another sequel like worst sequels do /// doesn’t go far enough with new society exposition could’ve spared another 15-20 min easily on analysis