New Year, New You! (2018)

A painfully slow vlog & IG-filled NYE Girls’ Night Out evolves into a shockingly-rousing thriller subverting slasher norm expectations – one cleverly playing on the jealousy, falsities, & inferiorities lurking behind screens in the social media age. 5.7/10.

Plot Synopsis: Friends gather for a reunion on New Year’s Eve to reconnect and reminisce. As they rehash old memories and revisit an old party game of “Never Have I Ever,” gripes and secrets they’ve been harboring manifest in nefarious ways. Anthological episode of Hulu’s original ‘Into The Dark’

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Pros: Good opening horror tease with just enough intrigue to draw the viewer in, clever dissection of social media culture and the jealousy (as well as duality pretending to be perfect and hiding flaws/burying sins and how far some people will go to maintain fame and manipulate others to get what they want) and envy simmering under the surface in a phenomenal idea for a slasher in this day and age (that I wish had been developed better than a girls’ night), great sound editing and dampening in the psychological torment teases, twists with a seeming flip of a switch during Never-Have-I-Ever and when the clock strikes New Years turning dramatically intriguing and revealing a lot of backstory and becoming almost sort of like a crime film with clever dual-plotlines,  good subversion of expectations pulled off in the switch at the end (although much of it was set up too on-the-nose originally) on who the suspected slasher was going to be into a thriller with different teams for survival, great ending exposing the hypocrisy of Lexi and those claiming fame isn’t worth everything how she betrayed them still and back-half really once it strikes midnight and gets into the real plot of the movie

Cons: cringy new year vlog painful to watch, so much complaining and envying of materialistic things like money, WAY too heavy in the brooding and horror teasing by Lex when she isn’t the best actress, the amount of humble-bragging especially by Danielle acting like she’s the the fact that such a cool idea like a social media-driven slasher was wasted on a (*painfully* boring) girls’ night in the first half, not sure a fall into a pool at the height would mean end of Danielle, overall just way to much pretense and build-up as well as snail-slow pacing in the first half