Nightmare Alley (2021)

A lusciously-noir x art-deco pschothrill of epic nostalgia, clairvoyance, arch-fabulists, ebonized chroma palettes, & pantomime staged in the guignolic carousel of carnival life, Guillermo Del Toro’s long-awaited return post TSOW is mixedly-executed – but redeemably-grandiose & star-powered. 6.3/10.

Plot Synopsis: In 1940s New York, down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle endears himself to a clairvoyant and her mentalist husband at a traveling carnival. Using newly acquired knowledge, Carlisle crafts a golden ticket to success by swindling the elite and wealthy. Hoping for a big score, he soon hatches a scheme to con a dangerous tycoon with help from a mysterious psychologist who might be his most formidable opponent yet.

Full Review Delayed (Personal Crisis)