Where The Wild Things Are (2010)

From king visionary directorial force Spike Jonze comes a beautiful, sweeping arthouse indie cinematic project of delicacy grâce, incredible fantasy worldbuilding, craftsman LA/CGI, zenith authenticity to one of the most beloved classic books of fiction all-time: a celebration of childhood, emotion, mystery of life, adventure, growing up, civilization, nature, exploration, & what makes us run wild. The Greatest Movie About Childhood Made Specifically For Adults. 9.2/10.

Plot Synopsis: Where the Wild Things Are is a 2009 fantasy adventure drama film directed by Spike Jonze. Written by Jonze and Dave Eggers, it is based on Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book of the same name. It combines live-action, performers in costumes, animatronics, and computer-generated imagery.

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