The Brady Bunch (1970)

One of the last old-style family TV sitcoms & a nostalgic, well-cast apple-pie slice of ’70’s americana down to the iconic alt surf-rock opening theme, yet progressive for era-buck exposition on the new blended family, coming-of-age values, & ~risqué comedy hijinx. 7.1/10.

Plot Synopsis: Here’s the story … of a man named Brady, an architect widower with three sons: oldest Greg, middle son Peter and youngest Bobby. He meets and marries Carol, with three daughters of her own: oldest Marcia, middle girl Jan and little one Cindy. Tending to them is a wacky maid named Alice. They all live in a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in the Los Angeles suburbs. The story lines deal with boy problems, sharing bathrooms, lost hamsters, the occasional football to the nose, and attempts at pop music stardom.

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