Paranormal Activity 4

2 – Ok sequel, less innovative. 5.6/10. / 3 – Good entry. Crazy ending & story intrigue. 6.5/10. / 4 – Dull & formulaic, insultingly uninformative. 2.1/10. / 5 – Awful, total jump-ship to extend franchise. 1/10. / 6 – Wraps up PA finally giving closure albeit too late. 6.5/10.

Paranormal Activity 2 – 5.6/10

Most Memorable Moment: Night vision basement attack scene

Pros: Katie is back – was hoping it wouldn’t be an anthology series exactly without any continuation but love that it does continue some over, setting it a couple of months before the events of PA 1 a cool choice- would’ve been WAY better to start seconds after the ending of PA 1 but sets up a potential-ful story, good character development, awesome additions to the lore like that the dog and baby can see the entity but others can’t, far more night and horror scenes – franchise respectably corrected the biggest (albeit one of my only) problems with the first one, return of Marteen, markedly better camera movements- better quality and less shaky and amazing additions like night vision and the insane night vision attack scene, bold choice actually making the sequel a prequel to flesh out the story and give us more background, actually improves upon the original in some aspects – more scares, more night scenes, phenomenal final act and ending – wasn’t a big fan of the way they set it up at first but really like the connectivity and genre vision as it got unfolded – a credit to Blumhouse and the runners of the Paranormal Activity franchise

Cons: No straight continuation from the ending of Paranormal Activity 1 – huge let-down after the wild ending of 1, new family not nearly as compelling as Katie & Micah, takes a little long to get to the horror, Marteen most likable character and gone too soon (stupidly I might add), stupid decisions like the girl exacerbating the situation and father taunting and not calling in a professional to help, more of the same as the first – doesn’t really add anything new to the canon (although it improves on some things)

Overall Rating: 5.6/10

Paranormal Activity 3 – 6.5/10

Most Memorable Moment: Final 15 minutes

Pros: hilarious nods and easter eggs to the first two films’ events, respectably bold choices to have sequels that go back further in time and reveal more and more about the first film – backwards trilogy goes with the spirit of originality and groundbreaking that the PA1 established, Christopher Nicholas Smith steals the show as Dennis, great unfolding of the original story of how the entity first started (friendly at first too before hostile), great slow escalation like the original and fleshing out the true origin story of how the Activity began, most stable camera movements of the 3 movies, some intricate scares like the sheet one and the babysitter, absolutely INSANE final 15 minutes – bringing in cult and craft lore and brutal horror and suspense, ending adds a lot more intrigue to the story and makes any sane person wondering what is happening and wanting more immediately, get ready for what?!?! where they in on it?!?, etc.

Cons: not the biggest fan of how they are going backwards instead of forward to what happened right after the events of the first movie (bold and original idea but still, you can’t have an ending that crazy or ending to the 2nd one that crazy without giving a definitive continuation) – DIRECT sequel please, poor setting choices progressively in the movies – didn’t like 2’s and don’t like 3rd’s home the most, scares and concept is beginning to show its age – losing its freshness and horror beginning to wear off, the mother so stupid for not seeing and believing when everything is RIGHT THERE ON TAPE – like what more do you need after all of the evidence the people are unbearably stupid

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Paranormal Activity 4 – 2.1/10

Most Memorable Moment: Garage scene with Alex

Pros: Beautiful main character in Alex – well-acted and carries the film (making it watchable), modernizing the PA brand with cell phones/webcams a cool choice, much better camera quality, great modern upper-scale house setting, one information piece about Hunter, good ending – something all PA movies share but still uninformative

Cons: Too long opening, keep playing in how they teased that we’d finally learn what happened to Katie and Hunter after PA1&2 and even marketed it that way but STILL have yet to answer that questions fans demand to know, too tweeny at times, Ben kind of annoying as a character, subpar acting overall except Kathryn Newton, scares and style that were once very  fresh and original have gotten really old and less thrilling, too slow pacing with few scares at all through the entire first act, 5 year gap still painfully unanswering the major questions the franchise has left completely open and unanswered: WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE EVENTS OF PA1, 2, AND 3’S TWIST ENDINGS?? GIVE US ANSWERS INSTEAD OF MAKING US KEEP WATCHING SEQUEL AFTER SEQUEL HOPING WE’LL FINALLY LEARN WHILE THE CLIFFHANGER/QUESTION LIST GROWS, extremely formulaic to the first three movies – exact same movie & scares/ pacing again and again and pretty much inarguably the same movie as PA 2, any sympathy the viewer had for Katie is now gone, ending STILL uninformative & answers NONE of the overarching questions plaguing this franchise and angering fans, feels just like merchandise/suckering you in to see the PA 5 – dirty thing to do to fans, literally no reason this filler movie needed to exist – no story advancement in any way & besides the Hunter line ends viewers knowing same amount as after PA3 – shameless cash-grab

Overall Rating: 2.1/10

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – 1/10

Most Memorable Moment: Police scene with Oskar

Pros: –

Cons: Absolutely HATE the decision to change locations and characters when there is SO MUCH LEFT WE NEED ANSWERED in the Katie/Hunter storyline… but feel obligated to watch it because I desperately want to figure out what happened from the very first movie’s ending – a terrible feeling to have as a fan and disgusting cash-grab again since the movies take so little to produce and make it big at the box office with their fan base, some questionable choices like showing that woman getting painted in an R-movie, characters annoying, basic, badly acted, & insanely stupid going out of their way to break into the apartment in the first place and steal the journal to bring it on themselves, insulting trying to sprinkle weak easter eggs to “connect it to the main movies” like with Katie and Kristi’s videotapes and Lois on the back of the frame, why tf would people even want to do something like that ritual – such a blatantly stupid plot point that takes away nearly all the viewer’s sympathy or characters’ innocence that made the first 4 movies scarier, all the scares and tension are gone by this point, showing how it begins is a somewhat interesting plot point but not even the slightest bit enjoyable with all the questions still haning over its head and tainting it, not only does this movie not answer any of the questions the franchise has left wide open for 5 movies now, but it actually makes the story MORE CONFUSING, thus needing MORE SEQUELS to explain, absolutely HATE THE ENDING – spits in the face of the original and should not have even attempted to touch it and make this weird horrible connection that makes no sense whatsoever which will always taint the original going back instead of letting you wonder what happened downstairs with Katie/Micah – my most hated horror movie of all-time now

Overall Rating: 1/10

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – 6.5/10 (Extended & Unrated Cut)

Most Memorable Moment: Ending

Pros: FINALLY give fans of the series what they want: a revisit and explanation of what happened in the original trilogy: a direct continuation and showing of what happened directly after PA3’s crazy ending at Lois’ house and revisiting Toby from the original PA1, 2, and 3. great special FX painting Toby and the intrigue of the whole series in what was previously unseeable in an amazing light – love the black gooey appearance of the phantasm, although I hate the fact that they had to have a new family as the center of it, I understand this course of action in having them look back on it as it’s hard to go back and continue directly from PA3 after 2 screw-up movies in PA4 and Marked Ones, trekking new territory in painting the teenage years and what happened to Katie and Kristi between PA3’s ending and when they’re grown up and have no recollection of it, likable characters (except for Mike who is unbearable), cool ideas like having Katie and Kristi’s old videos be able to connect with the present fathers watching it, cool Christmas setting and revisit to Katie and Kristi’s old home, some crazy and creative surprises/scares like the Santa doll and her attacking the Priest, good plot connections connecting it to Katie and the rest conspiring and going undercover to place them there, great idea imo turning it into a meta-slasher film with Toby now seeable, ties up the whole series surprisingly well – the movie I have been waiting for since PA3, wowing religious connection and aspect – makes the stakes higher and Toby more evil, have NO IDEA what people and critics are talking about – probably the 3rd best Paranormal Activity movie and gives fans who enjoyed the original what they’ve been asking for, Leila very creepy, great ending connecting all of the original movies together with the new developments like time-warping – might not be for everyone but for me it worked

Cons: Same old formula in having a new family experience Paranormal Activity, opening third mistakenly infuriating as you think they’re just going to do the same shameless franchise-extending & not-answering-questions again like in Marked Ones (even though as it goes on, you learn that that is false and this movie basically was a course correction and listening to fans which makes me very happy) Mike is UNBEARABLY annoying as the skeptical douche cousin who does not take anything seriously and downplays the horror making it hit less hard to viewers as well, makes me mad that they finally got it right but after the last two movies it’s kind of too little too late and lost its potential triumph it would’ve had if this were PA4, ending too copying of The Exorcist, 3d scares look absolutely horrible – one of the worst I’ve ever seen, still leaves a pretty big cliffhanger in what will happen now that he’s free, scares are completely gone at this point with no jump-scares or surprises really even in places that they surely would have worked, the film’s payoff at the end is tremendously undercut by the fact that this was not PA4

Overall Rating: 6.5/10