Peacemaker (2022)

Though Vigilante is salvageable by Freddie Stroma’s performance, Peacemaker is a cringefest from its opening dance credits scene: the bad of Gunnism, distilled & 10x amplified on the comprehensively-worst character of 2021’s Suicide Squad [from costume to motivations to casting, etc.] – toilet bowl matter to match the helmet, blasting to oblivion the fine line between natural, cheeky, clever R meta-comedy/fun and contemptuous, unoriginal, desperate, forced, juvenile, goofy, faux-edge, calumniatory DC condescension/insouciance with ‘merica guns blazing & CGI eagles. 3.2/10.

Plot Synopsis: A man fights for peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

Full Review Delayed (Personal Crisis)