Pokémon: Red/Blue/Yellow/FR/LG (1996)

The worldwide phenomenon that started it all back in 1996: kickstarting the world’s biggest franchise ever at $100B+ from $20 cartridges & a bankrupt Game Freak taking six years to make their dream game with an everlasting legacy on RPG & pop-culture, R/B/Y are some of the greatest [& most revolutionary, hyper-ambitious, innovative, and sacred] games in video game history – the ultimate concept pitch of a fantasy world idealization of man/animal relationships with iconic pocket monster design fringed with realism, elemental reciprocity, the best series-rival and characters in-series, beautiful [& highly-diverse] japanese culture/region, masterpiece soundtrack, perfection of franchise-blueprint still holding up generations and decades later, and provocative challenge-difficulty of gameplay behind every gym, badge, and capture. 10/10.

Plot Synopsis: Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. They are the first installments of the Pokémon video game series.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Pros: The game that started it all- the ORIGINAL monsters in your pockets that is perhaps the most ripped off and copied game of All-Time, groundbreaking in gaming history a true free roam game that lets gamers customize and pick a team of 6 from 151 creatures to go on a deep and thoroughly investable adventure,

absolutely incredible soundtrack – the best in gaming history in my opinion with iconic themes that even adults vividly remember and can hum to this day bursting with effervesncence, personality, old-fashioned escapism and nostalgic gaming feel personified, soundtrack itself a character in glorious 8bit synthesizer fueled melodies bursting with personality and perfectly thematically-paralleling its setting like cerulean city’s fluid harmonics, pallet town’s soft nostalgia, elite4 epic

villain team rocket easuily the most icionic and still arguably best villain of pkmn criminal organization stealing pokemon {if you have a dog or pet and someone tried to steal it, you’d know the pain] for best ones boss megalomaniac to pick best ones classic villain motivation and phenomenal leader giovanni and design costume and of course jessie james meowth LEGENDS some of best characters from the anime when yellow ties in the goofy lovable loser villain team spending 100+ episodes failing to capture a SINGLE pokemon or pikachu hilarious slapstick meta comedy

impact taking over the world and turning a $20 game cartridge and idea into a $60-BILLION media franchise – the most valuable media franchise in the history of humanity and gaming juggernaut that is still going strong 22 years later with 8 generations of games and over 850 pokemon that would not exist had these games not been massive successes,

arguably the best and most iconic set of 151 pokemon out there with incredible character design foundationalized in realism with the perfect hint of elemental aggrandization and fantasy without overdoing its nuances taking from scary ghosts to cute electric mouses to badass dragons to legendaries, TONS of hidden meanings and connections like gengar being the dead ghost of a clefable and gastly being connected to cloyster and haunter to voltorb one of the most interconnected lores ever, region and setting plus designs perfect no wonder it took 6 years and gamefreak almost went bankrupt before they could bring this game to the world saved by yoshi a project in the mario world in meantime giving them enough start-up capital to finish dream-game. every pokemon someone’s favorite testament to construction and gen 1 always ranks highest with pika char mwto always /// perfect amount of realism to temper the hyper-fantasy in just enough real-world parallels for maximum intrigue fascination and target demographics of people searching for fantasy adventure while combining it with real-world bbeauty of nature we all wish we could visit in idealized world like this – we all wish we could be young again why trapping as kid perfect and carefree kid with friends natural beauty adventure and escape monotny normal life adventure so perfect /// set even filled with real-world morality allegorization like magikarp evolving into gyarados most pathetic worthless told one can evolve into one of best and most frightening/respectable ones and futility of mankind pretending to be nature mewtwo. legendary birds mytholohical inspiration as is pseudo-legends like dragonite and snorlax and mew jesus religious allegory

ultimate adventure and plot construct every game would follow perfection start out small town kid go on huge adventure childhood memories and longing for adventure across a region landscapes pastoral friendships hard battles loss win character development growth coming of age primsatic lens the ultimate game adventure while establishing all the rules of pkmn like 8 badges elite four become league champion

te idea i’ll make the case pokemon r/b/y brought the greatest cinematic/gaming idea ever made to the marketplace genius of elemental battling fire burns grass electric zaps bugs and flying water puts out fire but absorbed by grass etc. and monsters far more interesting than drab real life ones we can’t even touch or enjoy more than a far vision watch bc of diseases danger mortality the game transcends to let animal and biology lovers truly find peace happiness love with iconic creatures for lifetime the ultimate fantasy vision

one of the most challenging games ever – just recently replayed it and the game is TOUGH to beat – I’ve been a huge critic of the fact that modern Pokemon games seem to have dumbed dfown the formula a bit in hopes of getting more kids into the game by making it easier and more hand-holding and making it yawn-ably simple to beat the game, but in RBY from the very first battle there is no playing around – it just took me 30 minutes to beat the FIRST gym leader in Brock in Yellow due to how good a boss they made him – now that’s the spirit of gaming and challenge that I’m talking about that adds to the old charm and makes the old games like RBY and GSC the best Pokemon games,

incredible game design, sprites, and roaming through wildly diverse location settings and gym leaders, the most connected game to the world famous and iconic anime series in Pokemon Yellow that still makes it arguably my favorite game of All-Time with HeartGold (only bc it combined two worlds into one so you get double the adventure),

brutally challenging but thoroughly entertaining final boss battles in the elite four and champion rival battle,

amazing post game giving you thr chance to explore secret caverns and hideouts and catch MEWTWO! alien symbiote created by humans bastardizing the proto/god pokemon from which all descended mew god and devil religion allegory to create dichotomized overlords of biggest power easy to get behind know all attacks ev spread stats power

every now and then there’s a game that comes along every 10, 20, 30, or 100+ years that changes everything and revloutionizes its medium establishing the frontrunner world franchise and evolving gaming and pop culture world phenomenon

Cons: –

Official CLC Score: 10/10