Pokémon Stadium 2

1 – Good animation bringing the iconic creatures to the big screen. 7.9/10. / 2 – Improves with more vivid & fluid gameplay & breathtaking new generation._8.2/10.

Pokemon Stadium 1 – 8.7/10

Pros: Great animation and the feeling of what Pokemon would be like on the big screen – idea gamechanging for the time, incredible animations for pokemon and battles that is just downright addicting and fun to play pokemon on a big screen tv thrilling, so many things to do from classic battles to spectacular and inventive mini-games, ability to choose your own team from any of the 151 pokemon.. OR input your own creatures directly from RBY to the game- technological wizardry for the time, great announcing that makes it truly feel like an event/sport, good soundtrack and pokemon movements that almost look like the first step towards x/y/sun/moon.. almost 20 YeARS EARLIER!! Groundbreaking, great party game/multiplayer with friends battling, great mini-games that almost feel like mario party entries as an added bonus

Cons: Can be difficult to transfer pokemon over especially playing these later as the controllers wear down, incredible experience battling.. but it can get tedious doing the same thing after hours of the same battling over and over, tedious having to hold the right bumper every single time to select an attack or change pokemon EVERY TURN.. who memorizes every attack’s button really pokemon? big flaw, not letting you pick/customize the movesets for the pokemon you choose HUGE flaw as most of the time the pokemon have awful movesets tjat both make it hard to play effectively and less fun, can  get a little repetitive mostly just battling

Pokemon Stadium 2 –

Most Memorable Moment: Title card and opening, introduction to the new stadium, new animations especially suicune and celebi

Pros: Great title card and art, vivid beautiful animations, new and more diverse and emotive soundtracks, great new gold and silver themed backgrounds and tin waiting art, dramatically improved and amazing battle animations and stadium in three dimensions and a more gladjtorial feel and pure sport event feel, inclusion of multiple diverse and colorful maps and settings, pokemon academy a brilliant addition, absolutely incredibke new mini games that are even more fun than the great ones in PS1 like egg emergency, delibird’s delivery, barrier ball, and clear cut challenge

Cons: Moving with only ghe keypad and not the joystick kind of distracting/counterintuitive, still carries over the biggest problem with PS1- rental pokemon have terrible movesets and you can’t change them easily for quick play, still make you check by pressing an extra button than normal

Overall Rating: 8.6/10