Prometheus (2012)

Overly slow, confused, and too flimsy in its connection to the original Alien, Prometheus disappoints fans of the franchise, albeit in a beautiful way. 4/10.

Aboard a spacecraft named Prometheus, a crew of space explorers travel to distant moon LV-223 in search of the origins of humanity. Headed by archeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway who discovered clues interpreting them as a sort of invitation to meet their makers, they soon discover that something else entirely is waiting for them there.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Review: Alien and Aliens are two of, if not my favorite Sci-Fi movies and universally agreed to be amongst the greatest Sci-Fi movies of All-Time. So, rightfully so, when I heard Ridley Scott was returning to direct a Prequel series to the events of the first Alien movies, I was immediately intrigued. However, I left the theater feeling immensely disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, there were good things in the film. For one, the film is beautiful. The cinematography, shot locations, CGI, and mise-en-scene in the film are all well-constructed and beautifully ominous. Also, the acting is good, and great by Michael Fassbender, who does WONDERS with the flimsy writing and flawed script at times to showcase his skill in portraying an android that’s emotionally and motivationally complex. Also, some of the crew members like Idris Elba and Dr. Shaw also give great performances and make us care what happens to them in the end. Finally, the questions posed by the film on mankind’s creation and the Engineers are fascinating and serve as a potentially strong launching point for am epic movie on the first Alien level.

However, these things were sadly wasted in a dull, uninspired movie that seems like an extremely loosely connected fan film in comparison to the original. First, the pacing is way too slow and action-deficient for an Alien movie. There are vast stretches of the movie where not even a single horror or action element is found, and lack of any hallmarks of the Alien series like facehuggers, chestbursters, xenomorphs, etc. until a 1-second clip at the end. This is immensely disappointing and borderline insulting to fans of the franchise who expected a movie calling itself a Prequel to be clearly connected to the original of which its preluding..

The critters in the movie are bizarre like a snake-type creature that ultimately disappears, infectious goo that turns people into monsters, and a Squid (that’s right a SQUID as the big bad monster birthed by Dr. Shaw). And no clear logical explanation of how these monsters relate in any way to the original Alien movies is given. Also and perhaps even more frustrating, none of the fascinating and massive philosophical and existential questions about mankind’s creation posed in the movie are answered. Why pose the questions, hint at the Engineers, tell us they changed their minds and want to destroy their own creation in humans, and torture the audience to come up with their ideas, only to not answer them at all or give any closure in the end?? Truly perplexing and saddening that a potentially powerful script and movie could not come to fruition in the end.

Overall Rating: 4/10