Ratatouille (2007)

Though its design aesthetic & animation style are ~primitive by own-studio benchmarks, Ratatouille is quite likely the best storywise project Pixar has brought to screen: a journey into five-star Parisienne chef-palaîs flambéd with saccharine valentine aromas to France & cooking, sour twang notes of a comedic partnership for the ages, & zesty/piquant flavors of artistic origins, criticism, & stereotype-revisionist themes. 9.4/10.

Plot Synopsis: Remy dreams of becoming a great chef, despite being a rat in a definitely rodent-phobic profession. He moves to Paris to follow his dream, and with the help of hapless garbage boy Linguini he puts his culinary skills to the test in the kitchen but he has to stay in hiding at the same time, with hilarious consequences. Remy eventually gets the chance to prove his culinary abilities to a great food critic but is the food good? A Pixar animation.

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