Rear Window (1954)

A hot escalation of cloak-and-dagger mystery, textbook storytelling finesse, journalistic complexity flipping the morality-lens on the audiences, magnificent GK & JS performances of a romance of bittersweet-edge, proficiency twisting era technicality-limitations & claustrophobia into positives, dense misanthropic theology on voyeurism, a spine-chilling climax amongst cinema’s best-ever, and psychoanalytics on American stereotypification, Rear Window is perhaps the coup-de-maître thriller-example of why Alfred Hitchcock deserves his czar-mantle of: The Master Of Suspense. 10/10.

Plot Synopsis: Immobilized by an injury, news photographer L.B. Jeffries passes time by watching his neighbors with their windows open in hot summertime in the city. After witnessing what he thinks might be a murder, he and his girlfriend Lisa decide to hatch up a plan to investigate, leading to a stunning discovery and suspenseful climax scene.

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