Riverdale (2017)

S1 – 8.7/10 / S2 – 7.8/10

Based off the Archie comics, Riverdale is a murder-mystery set in the high-school town of Riverdale which follows the mysterious death of Jason Blossom and various people’s investigation into what really happened that night.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Way darker than the Archie comics and thankfully so, Riverdale is an addictive murder-mystery that will keep you guessing and another hit show from the CW and Greg Berlanti, one of the hottest producers of TV with other projects including Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and the upcoming Black Lightning and live-action Teen Titans shows.

Packed with strong performances and layered characters, especially by KJ Apa as the leading Archie and Cole Sprouse (shocking throwback!) as Jug, eerie and disturbing intrigue and cinematography, and a story that keeps tossing and turning and keeping the audience guessing, Riverdale is extremely satisfying. I have to admit that at times, it feels like the show is weighed down by its excess of subplots and many times has an overly teeny vibe, but these are only minor flaws in what otherwise is an entertaining and worthwhile show and story to watch unfold.

*Still in progress watching

Most Memorable Moment: The Death of Jason Blossom opening scene

Pros: Strong performances and layered characters (especially Archie and Jug), eerie and dark aura that fits well with the subject matter, bold but effective revisioning of the somewhat goofy original Archie comics, great cinematography, in-depth story and mystery

Cons: Sometimes too overly teeny, too many subplots crowding the canvas

Overall Rating: 8/10

ST – best episodes S4 Week 7, S6 Week 16