Scooby-Doo!: Classic Creep Capers

Putting you inside Scooby-Doo’s most classic mysteries, Capers may not be a very technically impressive game, but is solid childhood nostalgic fun. 7.8/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Opening Knight sequence

Pros: Incredible nostalgic feel actually putting you in some of scooby-doo’s most classic episodes like What a Night for a Knight, Not too bad textures (could’ve been a little better), fine soundtrack and storyline/gameplay letting you do the investigating, fun spirit of mystery letting you do things like tiptoe around a museum at night, good spooky set pieces that give a feel of SD authenticity, good easter eggs like putting Hanna Barbara’s other cartoons like Flintstones in the museum background, even thrilling when you find a clue and the monster chases after you and you have to run, biggest thrill trapping and finally unmasking the villain, good location settings and world building for each of the episodes, love that they have episodes for each of sd’s most classic adventures, scavenger hunt style grows on you after a while, p[henomenal homages to the tv show and exact replications/easter eggs of how each episode started and ended that any fan of the TV show who meant so much to their childhood will absolutely LOVE, fantastic audio with real scooby doo music from the show and great graphics that bring each character and location setting in real 3d with even a 2d classic saturday morning cartoony-feel to it that makes it feel like you’re playing an episode of scooby-doo, good end villain and character arc that’s a game exclusive even more enticing, great final act and ending going almost against canon but resolving it in an awesome way putting a big bad boss battle so to speak and mastermind funding and controlling all of scooby-doo’s biggest villains

Cons: controls could’ve been better, too much reading when they really could have & should have used character voice – massive misstep and disappointment, very hard to control and camera movements odd, basically more of a confusing scavenger hunt than truly uncovering the mystery in most parts which can be frustrating at first but seems better once you get used to it, can be hard to find and discern a lot of the clues from surroundings – should’ve been fewer and easier to spot, tiki man one of scooby’s weaker villains, really should’ve been more villains/episodes.. only 4 is a tremendous let down especially because the 4 are pretty awesome – if they had like even 7-8 this game would’ve been great

Overall Rating: 8/10