Mystery Incorporated (2010)

A dark, seasoned, addictive Netflix-like modernization/evolution of S.D. for adult demographics & 21st Century, MI boasts a gripping whodunit mystery, edge-blade macabre, character evo, and first-ever major overarching multi-szn story. 8.7/10.

Plot Synopsis: Set in Crystal Cove, a small town with a long history of ghost sightings, monster tales and other mysteries, this series follows Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velmas as you’ve never seen them before. But the longstanding Crystal Cove residents, who bank on the town’s reputation to attract tourists, are prepared to do what it takes to protect their turf.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Season 1: 8.7/10

CLC’s Best Episodes: 1. Beware The Beast From Below, 2. The Song of Mystery, 3. The Legend of Alice May, 4. Pawn of Shadows, 5. All Fear The Freak

Pros: Incredible season opener, Stunning cinematography and glossy/sheen-like “neo-retro” animation blending an old style with new graphics, some great voice acting roles like Alec Baldwin as the sheriff and classic type voices for Daphne and Fred, LOVE the interconnectedness that makes the season feel like a true, proper Netflix-like television season as they try to tell one coherent story that makes you actually want to see every episode and watch til the end and that leads to a seemingly badass and mysterious/intriguing big bad in Mr. E instead of a collection of good standalone but at the end of the day disposable one-off episodes, a phenomanlly much more mature tone and scary nature that makes this feel like scooby doo grown up and for a grown up audience, great new theme and title card, love the updates given to Fred and Daphne and their relationship which fans have been begging for for all these years, intricate and awesome easter eggs and references to scooby history/lore that keep it also within canon, great soundtrack with spooky tine-tingling scores, GREAT new villains that are much more hostile and scarier even brutal like the cocoon-laying alien which just screams out Ridley Scott/Xenomorphs, Man Crab (not the best name) who is powerful with amazing tech and even exploits the fear of being buried alive or sinking by dragging his victims into the sand, and an Aztec-like pan flute player who turns innocent kids into bloodthirsty monster, a gnome who exploits paralysis and the dear of not being able to move, mysteries far more reaching and incredibly written with no plot holes and strong misdirects and villains who are more sly and cunning, good humor too, great mystery that’s masterfuly unfolded episode by episode, at least fixes the blasphemous Velma shag romance by squashing it mid-season (first half is painful though and velma is still problematic moody teenager and doesn’t really even help in mysteries), incredible unfolding of the mystery each episode to give bits to entice you and with the original Mystery incorporated/Mr. E/Professor Pericles storyline, phenomenal final act leading to an epic ending and final villain in The Freak and cliffhanger for S2,

Cons: Voice-acting ok – scooby extremely problematic as it just doesn’t sound like him and Velma, their Velma may be the most annoying character ever… absolutely HATE – bossy, needy, not geeky or innocent, and even promiscuous.. wtf??? literally destroyed and ruined everything that made her one of the most likeable og characters and made her a total b*tch who abuses, downgrades, and even tries to change everything about the BEST character about the show (other than Scooby): Shaggy by blasphemously trying to order him to stop the show’s most classic things like him and scoob’s junk food addiction, shag’s classic “like” way of talking, and even wishing scooby death or incarceration in a prison so she can have shaggy, style he’s had for 40+ years, and forcing a romance between them that just feels unnatural and makes the two most innocent characters on the team seem less innocent when not EVERYONE on the team needs to be dating esp when Fred and Daphne have a thing which feels more natural and will of-course like it’s always been have a great pay-off as they just seem better together and makes Shaggy seem weaker that he would just take it while the audience is forced to watch the downfall of our favorite character, Scoob surprisingly not given enough screentime/dialogue – don’t know if it’s because they know his voice is just not nearly as good as it used to be with this new actor but you can’t call the show scooby than give scooby like 2 lines an episode.. get rid of all the Velma nonsense and you’d have enough time to spare, REALLY wish they would’ve done this exact show – writing, tone, direction, everything – in live-action and in coordination with Netflix or some big name network/brand as it’s sad to see how well this could’ve done if given the advertising as I only found out about it after thorough searching since I’m a huge fan – feel like everyone would enjoy this take on Scooby, some iffy villains (which I can’t fault them much for after having tread with seemingly every monster in the book with the long history of the series) but most are good, wish they would’ve ended the whole mystery in S1 and did a new villain/mystery for S2

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

Season 2 – 2.1/10

Pros: –

Cons: The weakest opening to any season I’ve ever seen with awful villains in a freaking man-baby and house with chicken legs… seemingly no mention to the mystery/Mr.E that dominated and was the only reason you would even want to watch S2, much goofier tone than S1, still cannot understand why they forced the storyline from S1 to be carried over to S2 as it leaves you feeling unfulfilled and wanting to see the end but feeling you have to watch another 26 episodes and all these awful side monsters and all to finally find out what should have realllllly been a 1-episode storyline, breaks canon A LOT with blasphemous wild changes to the team like Daphne LEAVING THE TEAM, dating a Taylor Lautner wannabe that idk why is even in this show that has nothing to do with him, and being replaced by freaking Hot Dog Water.. one of the most cringe characters both in name and acting I’ve ever seen and have no interest in this nothing character being a part of Mystery Incorporated – disgraceful, Shaggy actually going to military school and losing the shaggy hair that gave him his name, and Velma being a spy and working for Mr. E nonetheless with Hot Dog Water… just don’t even get me started on how brutally they butchered and forever fcked up the character of Velma as it’s unforgivable.. can’t even watch anymore how wildly different and how much of a mess 1B and S2 are

Overall Rating: 2.1/10