Singin’ In The Rain (1932)

A historic bloom-evolution in the history of motion pictures bringing words to big-screen, SITR is a grand, time-capsulable MGM production of pure Golden-Age Hollywood magic – with iconic performances, masterpiece set-design, technicolor vibrance, and beautifully-choreographed musical numbers as smoothly-gliding on the surface of elation as raindrops on a window pane. Greatest of its genre and one of the most iconic films of all-time. 10/10.

Plot Synopsis: When the transition is being made from silent films to `talkies’, everyone has trouble adapting. Don and Lina have been cast repeatedly as a romantic couple, but when their latest film is remade into a musical, only Don has the voice for the new singing part. After a lot of practice with a diction coach, Lina still sounds terrible, and Kathy, a bright young aspiring actress, is hired to record over her voice.

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