Son of God (2014)

Though its enjoyment level [obviously] comes with a prerequisite of belief system and it’s a safe retelling of the world’s most-known story, Son Of God is a fine portraiture of Christ on-screen – effective world-immersion, good cinematography with a few powerful religious iconographical images, and the authoritative cinematization of the Messiah’s presence by the gentle charm and compassionate warmth of Diogo Morgado. 7.1/10.

Plot Synopsis: In the Holy Land, the Roman occupation has produced a cauldron of oppression, anxiety and excessive taxes levied upon the Jewish people. Fearing the wrath of Roman governor Pontius Pilate (Greg Hicks), Jewish high priest Caiaphas (Adrian Schiller) tries to keep control of his people. That control is threatened when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, performing miracles and spreading messages of love and hope. Those who fear that Jesus will inspire a revolution decide that he must die.

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