Soul Calibur II (2001)

One Of The Best Fighter Games Ever Made, Soul Calibur II improves the original with sublime, feathery mechanization, gorgeous graphics and gameplay design/flow, and a soaring soundtrack with ahead-of-its-time textures. 9.3/10.

Pros: Good opening credits sequence – could’ve used more voice play or narration but still good, UNBELIEVABLE graphics and textures – for the time an incredible achievement having it almost look cinematic/live-action, adult flair/feel that instantly makes the player feel this is not a game made for kids, sublime feathery gameplay that makes it one of if not THE greatest fighter I’ve ever played – it is magnificent just feeling at one with the controlling and feedback/flow it’s hard to describe the majesty and crafting, gorgeous maps and varieties of customization options, soaring soundtrack, inviting to the novice player but hidden complexity and learnability that takes years to master and become great – hidden moves, combos, evasions, etc., strong replayability and lastability, cool unlockables, return of the classic soul calibur voice, cool introductions to each battle

Cons: Wish the character list featured more iconic household names – Link a great step but still: most characters ~unknown and that’s a shame with a game this legendary, couple of flaws in character endings

Overall Rating: 9.3/10