Spider-Man (N64)

With an authentic comic book tone & feel helped by Stan Lee’s direction, N64’s Spider-Man may not be the most visually or audibly dazzling game but is solid web-slinging fun. 7.6/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Comic book in-betweens and custom covers, Venom chase

Pros: Incredible comic book in-betweens and opening that give it an authentic superhero feel and explore the spidey lore, great voice-acting and awesome having Stan Lee narrate just adding to the comic book feel and childlike excitement tone, soundtrack is serviceable but now wowing, good motion controls and swinging action, cool game cartridge with the red I wish more n64 games paid attention to, mixes in every one of Spider-Man’s iconic villains like Venom, Doc Oc, and Hobgoblin seamlessly – alone makes it a must play for any spider-man fan, comic book cutaways truly remarkable and the best part of the game by far, great and challenging boss battles like scorpion, venom, mysterio, and rhino, simple and easy-to-learn gameplay great for kids and newcomers, AWESOME comic easter eggs like daredevil, johnny storm, punsiher, and cap am making cameos, incredible voice acting from the animated series, good story with intrigue and surprise in the ending

Cons: graphics not very impressive- can barely even make out things like facial features which is shocking for a game on a character of this magnitude, soundtrack could’ve been better and a little less generic action movie, not a good choice to have black cat as the narrator as it immediately draws attention to how obvious a catwoman/DC knockoff she is.. voice also pretty obviously sexualized, a little strange/ unintuitive controls having the fight buttons as arrows instead of a and b, combat system not too elegant, camera a little laggy taking a while to adjust to where the player is trying to face, 3rd act too long and kind of stupid – police blowing up everything in the city – why not one of spider-man’s countless great villains instead, too many jokes by even badass big bads like venom abd carnage that are one of marvel’s buggest flaws: too much comedy and tonal inconsistency, goofy ending with cards..

Overall Rating: 7.6/10