Spongebob Squarepants (1999)

A fresh, original, imaginative world from origins as pure as a marine biologist just wanting kids to care for oceans, SBSQ: Top 5 Cartoons Ever Made; A+ characters, diverse comedy, mature/adv. subtext x allegory, 7 deadly sins, nukes, self-love positivity, LGBTQ+, etc. 9.3/10.

Plot Synopsis: In Bikini Bottom, a square yellow sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants lives in the undersea city in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary. He works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab with arrogant octopus Squidward Tentacles and his cheap boss Mr. Krabs, and causes trouble with his starfish best friend, Patrick, in his free time.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

CLC’s Best #Spongebob Episodes: 1. The Graveyard Shift, 2. Krusty Krab Training Video, 3. The Camping Episode, 4. Club Spongebob, 5. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, 6. Band Geeks, 7. Mid-Life Crustacean, 8. Procrastination, 9. Artist Unknown, 10. Shanghaied, 11. SB-129, 12. One Krab’s Trash, 13. As Seen On TV, 14. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, 15. Born Again Krabs, 16. Squid’s Day Off, 17. Nasty Patty, 18. Spongebob B.C., 19. Chocolate With Nuts, 20. Help Wanted, 21. Imitation Krabs, 22. Spongebob’s House Party, 23. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, 24. Clams, 25. Spongebob’s Big Birthday Blowout (20th Anniversary Special)

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A Cartoon Series Debuts On A Dying Network That Would Change The Course Of TV-Animation History

irresistibale celebration of positivity and zesty energy pops on screen vivid characterization absurd. hits right in sweet spot between what adults and kids enjoy for the best of both worlds better than any other cartoon in decades. daffy plots and imaginative environs.

hillenburg college grad in marine biology art way to marry two passions intertidal zone comic. late 80s the ocean istitute dana pt california, way to instruct kids visiting museum about sea creatures all anthropomorphic sea creatures including main charagcter literally bob the sponge. went back to college success to learn animation more and short films caught attention of exec from nickeleodeon worked on rocko’s modern life met fellow writers he used and tom kenny

Twenty years ago today, a cartoon series debuted that would have effects far beyond its humble beginnings. It would almost single-handedly keep a network afloat, inspire a feature film and a Broadway musical, sell over $13 billion in merchandise, and spawn countless number of memes. And it started with one of the most ludicrous premises ever: what if a sponge worked at a fast food restaurant?

literally 40% of age demographic is age 18-34

just the right amount of weird not overbearing like rick morty adventure time

moral parables and lessons FAR beyond anything else on child\ren’s entertainment. adult.

kooky zany humour absuridty def oddball idiosyncrasy not for anyones approval individual /// WILD imagination sci-fi epics like sb-129 and rock bottom and I was a teenage gary

became w meme culture hit aged like fine wine only better w age

only flaw is not shows fault creator hillenburg didnt want to go on past s4 but afted die nickeloden execs see as cash cow refuse to let die spin offs capitalism decline quality more reliance on gross out comedy personaities off

advanced iq-complex allgeory and references: capitalism (chocolate bars), sex (karate choppers), the corruption of organized religion (esp. christianity) and government (conch shell), slasher movies (graveyard shift), life cycles (wormy), cbms and super hero media (mermaidman barnacle boy 60s west batman robin superman and aquaman), man vs. nature/domestication of pets (sea horse), 2001 a space odyssey tool scene (spongebob bc), devil selling soul and hell (born again krabs), murder plots and zombies (inspector), the very meaning and purpose of art and how to create good type by rules or not by rules (artist unknown), hollywood primadonnas and the drug of fame (as seen on tv) and how to deal with fandom service, procrastination perfect for students, jaws (clams), cuss words (dolphin noise), masculinity (weenie hut jrs), how to impress girls (ripped pants), mid-life crisis (mid life crustacean), cheating and gold diggers (gary break up episode goes to patrick for cookie money) /// seven deadly sins characters, nosferatu (graveyard shift), ferris bueller’s day off, midlife crises (mmid life crustacean) /// spongebob has canonically one of the highest body counts in fiction let guy drown negligence bubbly buddy sandys rocket helicopter incident killed hundresd if not thousands

tons of dark fan theory hinted at through show dark secrets plankton screams when find out why mr krabs daughter pearl whale and no other crabs around, patrick eats crab in bc and many there is secret ingredient other crabs hannibal or whale dead prents of pearl, krabby patty name, how beef under sea, plankton secret recipe fakeout but says dark secret not meantfor anyone to see

also bikini atoll where real life nuclear tests


classic encyclopedic comedy history like wallet scene abbot costello, meta jaws theme, misunderstandings ratata repartee note letter back patrick stupid dumb animal, goofy silly kids comedy patrick

great character mix

tragedy failed artist squidward, mega capitalist millionaire expoiting workers mr krabs, proletariat marxist unknowing he being exploited spongebob (also good lgbtq representation in kids show: clearly gay)

it’s okay to be yourself each character distinctive personality but all peacefully coexist friends ecosystem. protect oceans made marine biologist who just wanted to get people interested in the sea – how right he was in accomplishing that for generations to come

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Characters & Voice Acting

An Inimitable Chemical Mix Loaded With Subtext and Harmony

The Divorce

The Implosion Of SpongeBob in Quality, Tone, Intellect, Pacing, & Most Of All: Characters After The Spongebob Movie


The show began to change after The Spongebob Squarepants Movie hit theaters. Pre-movie seasons were much more charming with witty dialogue and characters that generally seemed to care about one another.

Modern Spongebob takes a much different approach. Now, I’ll give props to the animation team because it’s come a very long way and they can pull off a lot of cool techniques. HOWEVER, you can’t just rely on cool animation to make a good show. This was pretty much the plot for “Face Freeze” (Season 8). The characters made obscure faces the entire episode. That’s pretty much it. THAT’S LAZY EPISODE WRITING. The timing for the episode seems to be thrown out the window too. So many new episodes end abruptly (almost mid-sentence) so it seems rushed.

Modern Spongebob goes for shock humor & gross out humor, far from the original Spongebob vibe. Dialogue was golden, and the delivery was very fastpaced. Honestly, it was an intelligent show- even some adult jokes were squeezed in. My biggest irritation is the character personality changes:

Mr. Krabs fires Spongebob pretty much for no reason in a recent episode while in earlier ones he fights very hard to keep him and labels him a great fry cook.

Squidward, in my opinion, hasn’t changed too much. He’s still very deadpan, and it fits well. Unfortunately, we see him tormented much more often.

Spongebob & Patrick went through the biggest changes. Comparing the early seasons to the newer ones- Spongebob is almost neurotic in the newer seasons. He knowingly harasses Squidward, he’s much more dumbed down, and spouts nonsense. No one seems to respect him in Bikini Bottom. They view him as a nuisance, and he flat out doesn’t take the hints. He seems to have one emotion: obliviously happy. THEN THERE’S PATRICK. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Patrick now. Pre-movie Patrick was a lovable dumb ass whose heart was in the right place. He even offered legit advice at times to Spongebob if the titular character seemed confused or needed help. Take a look at modern Patrick. He’s still dumb but much MUCH MUCH more so. He seems to spout random crap (kind of like Cosmo in Fairly Odd Parents) that doesn’t move the plot along. He also speaks MUCH slower to the point where I’m ripping my hair out yelling, “Get on with it, man!” All of Patrick’s kindness is gone too. He gets angry very quickly, and doesn’t care for other Bikini Bottom residents, Spongebob included. Yet they’re still best buds? It just doesn’t add up.. og sponge childhood innocence genuine nature into idiocy frustarating annoying, become one-dimensional cheap gag-rake misunderstanding

Well, let me put that in perspective.

SpongeBob SquarePants Seasons 1 to 3 aired from 1999 to 2004. Every SB fan called this 5-year run as The Golden Age of SpongeBob. After The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie released in November 2004, Stephen Hillenberg (1961–2018) wanted to end the series legitimately. However, Nickelodeon refused to end the series because (1) SpongeBob became the channel’s official mascot, and (2) Nick wanted to air more SB episodes by extending to the 4th season. Because of that, Hillenberg chose Paul Tibbit to be the series’ showrunner. As fans expected the series to be like the first 3 golden seasons, it failed easily because in reality, the network just let the show jump the shark. The episodes in Season 4 to 9A were mostly written by Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash and Richard Pursel (one of the writers of the disgusting Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon). Obviously Kaz and Mr. Lawrence are always the best writers and storyboard artists in the whole series. Unlike the old two who made the series extremely popular; the writers just made the show just for children instead by removing the spirit of adulthood, flanderized the characters (especially making SB and Pat too childishly retarded and Krabs being greedy), and made the plot too cruel and mean-spirited as hell. /// you can pinpoint exactly when the quality fell off S4E1 at the end of s3 stephen hillenburg and the original writers left fearing the show would become too repetitive go out on top, tibbit tried to continue style but failed as nickelodeon execs who greedily refused to let their star cash cow die targeted only kids alienating adult fanbase and dumbing it down for enjoyment over the age of 5-7 and resorted to the classic hallmarks that killed nickelodeon tof failed show seen throughout their cartoonography: screaming loud characters who lose their minds ofver the most tiny of issues easily always resolved well before the 11 min mark and cringeworthy unnecessary and unnatural toilet/grossout humor – going physical instead of psychological. also more basic slapstick one-note. every character became a caricature of previous self: spongebob immature chaotic and bizarrely higher pitched than original grating nerves (fan theory original spongebob actually died in the spongebob movie and that why this new one so different), patrick dumbed down so much so he became unable to do anything, squidward butt of every joke and target for all pain both physical and psychological exhausting our empathy /// flanderization simpsons new term wherein character’s original one trait/gag becomes overstated exaggerated to point it becomes their only trait

slight resurgence 2015 hillenburg returned sponge out of water movie 2 and some involvement s10-12 writing wise but cant like riding bike /// awesome 20th anniversary special seeing voice-actors reenact spongebob in live-action real life at trusty slab joy to see what really look like meta and montage of the legions of major celebrities who love spongebob from sigourney weaver to rob gronkowski to kal penn to jason sudeikis to t.I. to jonas brothers patchy finalyl meeting spongebob exec prod by hillenburg who tragically didn’t live long enough to see the day rip thanks for making a new generation of kids care about the ocean

Witty humour, adult tone. wit sarcasm huge adult fanbase for cartoon most unapologetic one anyone that has acces to the internet has seen it has become a meme sensation.

Official CLC Score: 9.3/10