Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie Game

Bouyant in soundtrack, authentic in atmosphere and characters, and energetic in gameplay, but missing animation pedigree and exact movie plot sequence, the SSB game is pretty good diversion but could’ve been much, much more. 5.6/10.

Pros: Great buoyant soundtrack, classic spongebob voice narration and authenticity, genius idea to have you essentially play the plot of the movie at least with the first scene, great textures and energetic free roamer style gameplay letting you roam bikini bottom, strong and entertaining gameplay levels with good variety in topography and types of single-player fun from karate chopping jellyfish to tongue-surfing down mountains to the krusty krab, tons of easter eggs from the show and movie and attention to detail that will make any spongebob fan smile, good instructions that let rven a newcomer pick up the ins and outs of the game easily, good multi-character set up letting you play as all your favorite spongebob staples,

Cons: A little unnecessacily talkative on pause screens and during gameplay which can get slightly annoying, extremely disappointing the set-up sequences weren’t animated instead of storyboard – biggest flaw and a gaping one, doesn’t follow the movie storyline exactly

Overall Rating: 7.6/10

Movie – Crisp in animation, classic in Spongebob-isms and authentic atmosphere to the hit show, and with an encompassing, advanced script, the SSM is an important achievement in animation and showcases endless possibilities for kids’ movie. 8.6/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Opening Krusty Krab Manager Dream Sequence

Pros: Cool fake-out of an opening scene that plays first like a live-action pirate/treasure hunt film but is actually a live-action, fourth-wall breaking film intro, phenomenal upgraded animation that’s crisp and vivid – you can tell where they spent the money right away to make it feel much more big-budget and cinematic, all the Hilarious Spongebob-isms with every classic character lifelong fans came for that will undoubtedly crack smiles off the fan and casual watcher alike, Actually a surprisingly incredible script and storytelling for an animated kids’ movie – story is high-stakes, complete, varied in tone from comedy to mysterious to  even dark sometimes, and encompassing of all things that make for a great coming-of-age and self-growth story all kids can relate to, groundbreaking as one of the first movies to transition from TV to movie successfully – only really memorable other one I can think of is the Jimmy Neutron movie, tons of new intriguing characters introduced too like Misty, King Neptune, and Dennis, strong voice acting and characterization, hilarious and clever parallels to adulthood like getting drunk off ice cream,

Cons: Can get exceedingly childish at times like with the Goofy Goober stuff,

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

Movie – Thoroughly entertaining and beautifully animated, the SpongeBob Squarepants movie summarizes everything that made the show great on a big cinematic scale. 8.7/10.

Pros: Great opening scene that feels cinematic with the pirates, breathtaking animation – truly beautiful with vibrant colors, great cinematography and set-up shots, and attention to detail, still maintains the goofiness and child-like spirit of the show that made it one of the most successful and best cartoons ever, thoroughly entertaining and hilarious, extremely well-written script and plotting – story works on every level and is surprisingly well thought-out especially for a kids’ movie, fantastic decision having Stephen Hillenberg (the creator of SpongeBob) be the director – no better expert to show just what SpongeBob is about for mass audiences who will be converted even if they have never seen the show, wry humor with jokes that hit and even adults will be able to understand, same great voice-acting from the show with some new good characters too like King Neptune and Scarlett Johannson’s Mindy, scale feels epic both in its scope and ambition to how far it stretches from diverse landscapes, storytelling devices, and combining things like animation and live-action shots and people, phenomenal soundtrack with some iconic and memorable songs – especially Goofy Goober Rock (legendary), one of the best kids’ movies I’ve ever seen even rewatching it 10 years later

Cons: A little sillier & more kid-focused than the show – Goofy Goober stuff will have kids on the edge of their seat but a little strange to adults seeing SpongeBob for the first time

Sponge Out Of Water – 7.6/10

Pros: Iconic opening scene – great tribute to the show and legendarily cinematic feeling like an Indiana Jones sequence, good acting by Antonio Banderas as Burger Beard, same great voice acting from Tom Kenny etc., another epic grandizing the show’s scale, great animation once it gets to the real world – insane that they can combine 3d animation and live-action so seamlessly impressive, (mostly) very funny jokes and keeping in the spirit of the original and cartoon

Cons: animation looks far worse than the original movie – truly head-scratching since it’s 10 years later with better technology and bigger budget.., some unbearably strange plot points like the dolphin god,