Star Wars Films & TV Ranked

The Phantom Menace (Ep. I) – 3/10 / Attack Of The Clones (Ep. II) – 6.7/10 / Revenge Of The Sith (Ep. III) – 9.2/10 / Rogue One – 7.2/10 / A New Hope (Ep. IV) – 9.3/10 / The Empire Strikes Back (Ep. V) – 9.7/10 / Return Of The Jedi (Ep. VI) – 6/10 / The Force Awakens (Ep. VII) – 8.7/10 / The Last Jedi (Ep. VIII) – 2.3/10 / The Rise Of Skywalker (Ep. IX) – 7.5/10 / The Mandalorian – 8.7/10

One of the most influential sci-fi franchises in film history, arising almost by accident out of a theorized one-off called “A New Hope”, Star Wars has become a pop culture phenomenon. It helped teach movie audiences to look to the stars back in 1977, spawning a sci-fi and blockbuster Renaissance whose franchise arms-racing, box-office statistics, and limitless imagination in storytelling effects are still felt to this day cinematically.

*Full Reviews Of Each In The ‘Sci-Fi’ Category’

1. The Empire Strikes Back (Ep. V)

A chilling, dark, richly-imaginative, & unforgettable masterpiece, The Empire Strikes Back is the ultimate Star Wars experience that helped define science-fiction and blockbuster moviemaking with its sister-companion piece A New Hope – delivering everything we go to the movies for: drama, romance, spectacle, emotion, shocking reveals, impeccable scoring, chilling cinematography, atmospheric tension, and a massive end twist that shook canon forever 9.7/10.

2. A New Hope (Ep. IV)

The movie that started it all. Theorized as a one-off that would never get enough of a following to warrant even a sequel, but kick-starting one of the biggest franchises in history making over $37 Billion, A New Hope changed the course of cinematic history with heartfelt, bold, clean-cut, & meticulously crafted imagination-based storytelling magic brought to life by Hamill, Fisher, and Ford. 9.3/10.

3. Revenge of The Sith (Ep. III)

A powerful, dark, & emotional film boasting perhaps the most iconic & jaw-dropping Star Wars moments of All-Time in brother vs. brother in the lava fight, the fall of Anakin & the Jedi, and the birth of Darth Vader, Revenge of the Sith is a masterpiece by George Lucas & the Star Wars film that converted me from casual fan to lifelong one. 9.2/10.

4. The Mandalorian (Post-Ep. VI)

A bounty-hunting glimmer of hope for the fledgling Disney/Star Wars consortium with Neo-Western undertones, badass Pedro Pascal lead, & magisterial set pieces + Baby Yoda, but maddening TV-PG not-dark-enough tone & selective CGI finesse, The Mandalorian is the best SW adaptation of recent memory and a new age on TV – even withstanding its flaws. 8.7/10.

5. The Force Awakens (Ep. VII)

A return to the wonder & spectacle that made fans fall in love with A New Hope, The Force Awakens is visually crisp & satisfying cinematic storytelling with intriguing new characters, an intimidating new villain, & something new to say/add to the SW saga. 8.7/10.

6. Return of the Jedi (Ep. VI)

Ending the original trilogy in mostly satisfying (albeit less majestic) fashion, Return of the Jedi, although sometimes overly childish & distracted in storytelling, does justice to the Star Wars mythology & adequately completes one of the otherwise greatest movie trilogies ever. 7.9/10.

7. The Rise Of Skywalker (Ep. IX)

A course-correction after the trainwreck of Last Jedi that retcons ~all its sacrilege, embracing series lore instead of disgracing it with fan service abounds, viscerality in pace, & best cinematography of any SW movie – despite an overstuffed narrative. 7.5/10.

8. Rogue One (Continuity Between Trilogies 1+2)

Breaking new ground narratively & character-wise, Rogue One is a good bridge between the Originals & Prequels, but sometimes over-relies on nostalgia instead of paving its own way & making its case as a truly memorable & important part of SW lore. 7.2/10.

9. Attack of The Clones (Ep. II)

Refreshingly less childish/cartoonish than TPM with a boost in sci-fi stylism, Attack of The Clones is, although held back by glaring flaws like a romantic comedy-feel in parts/less enthralling storyline, a step in the right direction for the Prequels with some memorable action sequences. 6/10.

10. Solo: A Star Wars Movie (Between Ep. III-IV)

A ponderous, weakly-acted, B-feeling slosh of a movie with no direction or reason to exist beyond mindless consumerism & cash-cow milking, Solo continues Disney’s unfortunate erasure of everything once great & endearing about Star Wars. 4.2/10.

11. The Phantom Menace (Ep. I)

A muddled starting point that boasts some thrill sequences like Pod-Racing & Darth Maul but is heavily tainted by insulting kidification like Jar Jar and Midi-Chlorians, a miscast (poorly-acted) Anakin diluting ~the greatest villain of film history’s badassness, & inexplicably-cheap looking CGI, The Phantom Menace is a breathtaking step down from the original trilogy barely deserving to even call itself a Star Wars movie. 3/10.

12. The Last Jedi (Ep. VIII)

A pretentious, backwards trainwreck of mindless subversion without ostensible purpose – simply for its own (cheap) sake & self-congratulatory director’s ego, forced jokes, p(ORG)duct placement, abhorrent new characters, & ghastly script spitting in the face of original Star Wars lore attempting erasure of everything the series built to the nightmare of lifelong fans, TLJ is the worst Star Wars film – & one of the worst blockbuster films – of All-Time. 2.3/10.