Starfox 64 (1997)

An engrossing animalian sci-fi tale with immersive [though repetitive] galactic shooting action, exhilarating fighter pilot missions, FMV-animation, branching, & impressive vocal storytelling, SF64 doesn’t reinvent its 16-bit original but is a classic N64 title. 8.5/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Cinematic opening cutscene, Mission 2 boss

Pros: Authentic sci-fi feel and engrossing story mode with good writing and cinematic cutscenes/attention to detail, thrilling action and fighter pilot motif, solid controls – could’ve been more fine-tuned and easier to steer but shooting is good good character design and writing with backstories, when you can shoot at enemies fun (too bad it’s hard to find them sometimes with how often and frustratingly you have to turn and u-turn to lock on), neat presentation and easy-to-follow storyline, immersive action sequences and fighter pilot missions that are just thrilling, legacy on pilot games capturing gamers’ attention when it came out, incredible level design an dflexibility going from things like a terrestrial voyage in missiln 1 to a space asteroid field in kission 2,

Cons: Soundtrack can be a little empty/lacking at times, steering difficult and can be frustrating how often you have to turn and u-turn just to find the enemy and lock on enough to shoot, controls fine but problematic at times,  boss battles can be busy for the eye with how crowded the canvas is

Overall Rating: 7.8/10