Superman: N64 (1999)

A blocky-texture nightmare with impossible-to-control gameplay devoid of seemingly any effort, N64’s “Superman” is one of the worst video games ever. 1/10.


Most Memorable Moment: Slamming the controller down infuriated after trying this game. Superman deserves so much better than this.

Pros: –

Cons: Not a good soundtrack not even using the iconic superman theme which was a no-brainer, awful visuals and textures looking like block fogures, not even a sense that the gamemakers even tried or thought about the storyljne with a cheap, no-introduction jump right into an obstacle-course race with NO backstory, Superman interplay, or villain..,, IMPOSSIBLE to control that makes it impossible to even PLAY THE FIRST LEVEL.. thus making the game UNPLAYABLE

Overall Rating: 1/10