Takers (2010)

One of the craziest casts of A-listers ever in one heist movie, Takers proves wrong the ~95% rule of outside celebrity-cameos necessarily dooming a film – a world of stylized clockwork bank heists by notorious criminals that feasts on the starpower and remarkable synergy of its cast. 7.8/10.

Plot Synopsis: Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba) and his friends enjoy a luxurious lifestyle funded by bank robberies, and they avoid capture by sticking to a strict set of rules. As they celebrate the latest job, a former associate arrives with a daring plan to rob an armored car. The lure of so much cash is too tempting to resist but, unbeknown to Gordon’s men, this heist puts them on a collision course with Russian mobsters and a detective (Matt Dillon) who will do anything to capture them.

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