The Abbott & Costello Movies

From NYC Burlesques to ‘Who’s On First?’ to the highest-paid entertainers of the WWII-Era, Abbott & Costello were the archetypal troupe of burlesque comedy, rapid-fire jabber, and physical slapstick, producing some of the funniest & most groundbreaking comedies ever.

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*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

1. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Dracula, And The Wolf-Man (1948)

The Crossover Of The 20th Century

The Original BlockbusterTeam-Up, Horror-Comedy Blend, & Swan Song For Icons Of Their Genres – Pure, Bold, Ambitious, Groundbreaking Live-Action Cartoon Fun

Photograph Courtesy Of: Universal Studios

Overall, ACMFWMAD is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen – and one of the biggest fan-service blockbusters to-date over 70+ years later. The panache and craftsmanship it must’ve taken to create a big box-office feature this diverse is a lost art you certainly won’t find anymore in the everpresent team-up/crossover films today that owe their presence to this for proof-of-concepting the trend. Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolf-Man all share the screen shockingly-well – befit with the same icon performances by bashful Lou Chaney, death-stare Bela Lugosi, and a good Boris Karloff-fill-in GS that made them our favorites of The Universal Monster Franchise. The castle island setting is macabric enough to work and somehow manages to fit all three’s legendary folklore settings nicely, set action pieces epic in the finale going all-out-brawls between the monsters, and horror-comedy blends groundbreaking as it cruxes around a revitalized funnyman duo for the WWII-era history books: Abbott & Costello. The pair traverse this difficult-to-balance screenplay with surgical precision from across their careers and land neverending hit-jokes; the film is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen to-date – mixing slapstick, self-deprecation, double-entendres, scaredy-cat, body/sex, and black comedy seamlessly as the plot manipulates and fattens up the ego of Costello unbeknownst to him. The original crossover blockbuster, horror-comedy blend, & swan song for the big three icons of The Universal Monsters, ACMFWMAD is pure, bold, ambitious, groundbreaking live-action cartoon-thematized fun with some of the funniest gags ever, macabre-juxtaposition, brand-promotion, and a big-ticket evolution of blockbuster scale/stakes. 9.4/10.