The Best James Bond Ranked

1. Daniel Craig

2. Sean Connery (1962-_)

The first 007 and one who crafted the icon of generations of cinematic espionage. performances are universally-strong – especially the agent-of-all-agents: Bond, James Bond. Sean Connery’s performance is a masterclass in masculinity – a debonair mix of acidic repartée and coolness that crafted the cinematic icon of James Bond from smolders.. and remains the [2nd] best Bond ever to-date by the most infinitesimal of margins (CLC puts Craig just inches ahead of him, for reasons we’ll explain later). From the opening cigar-smoke-hazy backroom high-stakes poker match we first hear him utter the immortal intoruction, the suave cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor juxtaposed with flirtatious effficacy, heroicism, and the ability to charm the pants off of whomever needed makes a protagonist everyone can love. Not only is he badass when he needs to be, lovely at other times, and befit with wry British humour at others, he is one of the most competent operatives to take up the 007 mantle: he traverses his spy duties with surgical precision and sure-handed perspicacity that is mega-refreshing. The supporting performances are adequate as well – especially Ursula Andress’ blonde-knockout first Bond girl Honey Ryder and the film’s scientific criminal-genius: Dr. No. Connery also looks a bit old for the character – a little weathered and wrinkly, not exactly the best for a bright-eyed protagonist we’re seeing on his first day on the job on-screen [also, his eyebrows are distractingly-thick; what was the make-up doing during warm-ups missing such a crucial element on the literal face of your franchise. connery even BETTER as bond same debonair mix of acidic repartée and masculine composure as Bond, compelling island mystery, beautiful backdrop, and a sibylline score as sleuthing/theatrical as its secret-agent. 8.7/10.selfdeprecating humour why always wear gun have a slight inferiority complex and SENSATIONAL one-liners ‘shocking, isn’t it’ after bathtub fan savage comedy double-entendres shocking because of fan and also betrayal by lover dodging femme-fatales

3. Pierce Brosnan

4. Roger Moore

5. Timothy Dalton

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