The Cat In The Hat (2010)

The Most Underappreciated, Misunderstood, Idiosyncratic Blockbuster Ever Made, TCITH Is A Guignol Carnival Of Epic Proto-Deadpool x Austin Powers 18+ Comedy, Masterpiece Prod. Design, (Good Characterization Arcs), & Outré Dada Absurdism – The *Only* Film To Get The OG Spirit, Msg, Genius Of Dr. Seuss’ Legendary 1957 New-Age Children’s Novel/Primer & Literature Classic: Take Sledgehammers To The Rules x Boring Conventionalized Suburban Capitalistic Freudian Christo-Morality Of Today, Respark The [Lost] Fun / Magic & Limitless Imagination Of Childhood. 8.5/10.

Plot Synopsis: In this live-action film based on the favorite children’s tale, the trouble-making Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) arrives at the home of bored young Sally Walden (Dakota Fanning) and her brother, Conrad (Spencer Breslin), while their mother (Kelly Preston) is out. The family’s pet fish (Sean Hayes) objects to the Cat’s presence, but that doesn’t stop the hat-wearing giant feline from trying to have fun, no matter how much destruction is left in his wake.

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