The George Lopez Show (2002)

A refrescante-chicano flavor of latinx sitcom as bouncy as its opening trampoline credits, TGLS may domesticate its comedian’s NSFW source material for network TV ~clichés – but passably lowrides by its [well-acted] character ensemble, cultural representation/themes, impressive genre-blend of comedy/soap-dramatics, and George Lopez’s high-kineticism comic starpower. 7.5/10.

Plot Synopsis: Assembly-line worker and family man George (comic George Lopez) is promoted to manage an airplane parts factory in Los Angeles. George is clearly devoted to his wife, Angie, and their children, Max and Carmen, but his live-in, insensitive, difficult mother makes things complicated.

The Official CLC Best #GeorgeLopez Episodes: 1. Long Time No See, 2. Now George Noahs Exactly What’s Going On, 3. Angie Gets Tanked, 4. George Negoti-ate It, 5. The Show Dyslexic, 6. George Can’t Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie, 7. Sabes Quake, 8. George Enrolls Like That, 9. It’s A Cliffhanger By George, 10. George Helps Ernie See The Cellu-Light, 11. Dubya Dad and Dating, 12. What George Doesn’t Noah, 13. George Drives The Batmobile, 14. Girl Fight, 15. Token Of Unappreciation, 16. No Free Launch, 17. George Testi-Lies For Benny, 18. Max’s Big Adventure, 19. Team Leader, 20. Prototype, 21. George Doesn’t Trustee Angie’s Brother, 22. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, 23. George Discovers How Mescaled Up His Life Would Be Without Benny, 24. George Gets Cross-over Freddie, 25. Sabes Gay, It’s George’s Fantasy Episode

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

S1 – The Most Savage Season [analogous to the star comedian-protagonist whose starpower is palpable] & a fine introduction, TGLS lays out a canvas of likeable & well-cast/acted characters from the spoiled superiority-complex princess wife Angie to dyslexic prototypical-boy Max to promiscuous teenage girl Carmen to hilarious loser-manchild Ernie [MVP & funniest character in the show] to ultimate bad-grandma Benny, whose performance is perhaps the most impressive of the lot by how perverse she was as a parent to mega-comedian George Lopez whose energized x-factor and epic one-liners carry the show – a new flavor of sitcom that’s refreshingly unapologetically Latinx in themes, lifestyle, no-subtitle language, etc.; a vehicle of translation from his stand-up glory [down to promotional references in the transitions like ‘he’s the team leader’, ‘oralé’, ‘why you crying?’, & more] to the entertainment world… though it’s more of an amuse-bouche than a real S1, starved by a laughable 4-ep season-order and palpable sitcom-clichés. 6.2/10 / S2 – One of the best seasons of GL, S2 fleshes out the characters and lets each actor/ress own their role while dialing up the dysfunction – all under a cathartic umbrella arc of emotional weight in confronting George’s deadbeat father & good ~mature-demo sitcomedy. 8.5/10 / S3 – Though the Manny arc fizzles out underwhelmingly, TGLS replaces it with an equally spicy one in the Carmen-Zack one [thanks to a fantastically-detestable bad boy in Trevor Wright’s Zack Powers] to turn up the soapy drama – all while giving each character multiple focused eps and maintaining a healthy laugh ratio sizably improving Lopez’s acting and freedom: closer-matching his comic presence on-stage. 8/10. / S4 – Again missing an opportunity to capitalize on an exciting cliffhanger in the S3 finale Carmen runaway arc, TGLS manages to at least stay afloat by several good standalone eps and serviceable mini-arcs [Colorado, Linda, Return Of Great Character: Jason, etc.]. 7.9/10. / S5 – Continuing the now-infamous tradition of awful season openings, S5’s arc of George being kicked out of his own house despite being the bill-payer by a supposedly-‘compassionate’ Angie just for not wanting to deal with his mother’s disrespect/traumatic memories is aggressively imbecilic – though it 10x makes up for it with the best collection of self-focused eps/arcs from community college to Veronica to Ernie weightgains to internet pervs to life-swaps to boob jobs, all culminating in a 6-cliffhanger finale to match its upcoming season number. 8.7/10. / S6 – The Worst Season Of GL, S6 ends the series on an anticlimactic whimper of ~zero impact or closure: one I had to double-take was the series finale for how little the writers or showrunners seemed to care to give any of their characters a proper-sendoff [while even ruining a couple like turning Angie into a Mary Sue even able to laughably out-povertize George and 5+-season regular Carmen have an off-screen goodbye] or even ostensibly realize S6 was their last – souring and fizzling out a season of sizably-improved openings handling its multi-cliffhangers from S5 and a few standout episodes addressing topics like racism and stereotypes. 4/10.

Official CLC Score: 7.5/10