The Greatest Video-Games Of All-Time

The greatest video games should have groundbreaking legacy, be fun, have impressive technical asspects, be beautiful in visuals and evocative in score, compelling in narrative and storytelling, complex in themes, combine genres and give pure escapism through worldbuilding and interactibility beyond what’s possible in movies tv literature experience

This summer, I started adding video game reviews to the site! While my primary focus is still on film & TV series reviews, I’ve been progressively expanding to include gaming from all major platforms, starting with my favorites: N64, SNES, Xbox One, and now working through GameCube.   From Ocarina of Time, Cuphead, Galaga, Assetto Corsa, all Mario games, Injustice 2, all Pokémon games, Final Fantasy, Star Fox 64, Metroid Prime, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, GTA, all Super Smash Bros versions, SW Battlefront, Zeldas, AC: Origins, CoD, all Batman: Arkhams, 007, NFS, and more reviewed or coming soon, check out the new section of the site!