The Mummy (1932)

Expanding the Universal Monsterverse in xenophobic pharoahic grandeur inspired by the real-world opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922, The Mummy game-changingly turned genre-sights back on ancient times with a tetrad-forming icon monster combo by a legendary turn by Boris Karloff & taut screenplay completely fresh w/o literary basis after Dracula & Frankenstein. 7.6/10.

Plot Synopsis: A team of British archaeologists led by Sir Joseph Whemple (Arthur Byron) discover the mummified remains of the ancient Egyptian prince Imhotep (Boris Karloff), along with the legendary scroll of Thoth. When one of the archaeologists recites the scroll aloud, Imhotep returns to life, but escapes. Several years later, Imhotep has taken on the guise of a wealthy man, as he searches Egypt for his lost love, who he believes has been reincarnated as the lovely Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann).

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