The New Kaiju Monsterverse Ranked

From 2014-2021, The New Kaiju Monsterverse has released 4 feature-length theatrical films.

Plot Synopsis: The biggest monsters in movie history have been rocking theaters & audiences since the early 1930’s: King Kong & Godzilla. Taking that monumental lore and giving it scale/size to match – along with breathtaking 21st-century technological advancements to CGI/VFX, WB’s new [interconnected] Monsterverse has the creature-roster & budget to go toe-to-toe with any franchise.

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Official CLC New Kaiju Monsterverse Ranking

1. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2018)

A kaiju masterstroke with Biblical awe, some of the most jaw-dropping battle sequences & epic cinematography ever put to film, a booming thunderous score, and surprisingly-human tale: An experience you have to see to believe. 8.7/10.

2. Godzilla v. Kong (2021)

The epic kaiju showdown fans have been waiting generations for by 21st-century VFX & CGI advancements, Godzilla v. Kong delivers on its title’s promise with 10x-over spectacle and jaw-dropping power/scale – with a POC-diverse cast, lens prospectus, Darwinian themes, and good [but thin] storyline.. despite a bizarre middle-act, too-short length, and lack of character-development. 7.6/10.

3. Godzilla (2014)

Though mixedly-acted by a cast of international stars & often bordering [somehow] on monotonous, Edwards’ 2010’s-modernization of the kaiju icon packs enough prosaic man-v.-nature philosophical discourse, epic-scale cinematography. 6.5/10.

4. Kong: Skull Island (2016)

Fast-paced, nostalgic, and divergent from its kin in the franchise, S.I. aggrandizes the action with a cast of A-listers – but depthless husk of comparatively-shallow explosions, mediocre setting, bad creature designs, and weird humor/tone. 4/10.