The Night Of (2016)

S1 – 9/10

The Night Of follows Nasir Khan as he meets and spends the night with a woman, only to find her murdered the next morning and be charged for it due to its staging. Through his long and arduous trial, Naz changes as a person and the psychological and social effects & horrors of the criminal justice system are analyzed in this HBO mini-series.

*Possible Spoilers ahead*

Most Memorable Moment: 1. John Turturro’s monologue in the trial about Nas’ presumed innocence

Pros: Horrorifying set-up of the crime and ambiguity of what really happened that night, Incredible performances by Riz Ahmed and John Turturro, exploring of the horrors and after-effects of the criminal justice system on even innocent people, Good pacing, Strong unfolding of the story through the lens of the trial

Cons: Ending too ambigious and disappointing they didn’t expressly state who killed her and instead left it open to interpretation

Overall Rating: 9.5/10