The Replacements (2006)

One of daytime Disney Channel’s better mid-2000’s cartoons, The Replacements makes the best of its fun spy fantasy concept of kids being able to replace any adult they choose – despite okay artstyle, often doing so with memorable panache and characterization for imaginative hijinx. 7.2/10.

Plot Synopsis: Two orphans, Riley and little brother Todd, answer an ad for Fleemco Replacement People and order new parents, a spy mother and daredevil father. As Riley and Todd go on adventures (or misadventures as it were), they team up with Conrad Fleem to replace any adult in their lives that they don’t like, but they don’t get to choose the replacements and sometimes their good intentions don’t work out as they planned. Among the show’s voice cast are veteran voiceover artists Nancy Cartwrigth and Kath Soucie.

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