The Sopranos (1999)

One Of The Greatest TV Shows Ever Made, The Sopranos is every bit as deific & revolutionary a classic as its cinematic mafia counterpiece: chef d’oeuvre oblation of black comedy, waste management, thorny-and-provocative morality discourse, hyperviolence, & chiaroscuro drama establishing precedence on how to build a multi-season empire & multi-dimensionalizing television as an equally-meritocrable artform; perhaps the most influential show of all-time. 10/10.

Plot Synopsis: Tony Soprano juggles the problems of his fractious family with those of a “Family” of a different sort – the mob. He sees a therapist to deal with his professional and personal problems, which bring on panic attacks. He deals with personal and professional power struggles, affairs, violence, the threat of exposure and betrayal, and a whole bunch of people being whacked.

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