Tooth Fairy (2010)

Perhaps the most strikingly-uncool movie ever created, the utter lifetime-embarrassment of this pink tutu magical fairy fantasy children’s movie would’ve likely killed any entertainment-career – except for The Rock, who [can’t act here but] was muscled-enough to come out of this tooth-blow [somehow] alive. 1.5/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Rough-and-tumble hockey player Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a terror on the ice, earning the nickname “Tooth Fairy” by separating opposing players from their choppers. When Derek dashes the dreams of a young fan, he is quickly sentenced to serve time as a real tooth fairy, complete with wings and magic wand. Though he can’t “handle the tooth” at first, Derek’s new job helps him to slowly rediscover the dreams that he gave up long ago.

Official CLC Score: 1.5/10