Valley Of The Boom (2020)

Though ~mixedly-acted outside major players, VOTB is a fascinating limited hybrid docu-drama panopticon series detailing how the web was won – taking us into the concrete jungle of a nescient Silicon Valley propulsive to the 2001 dot-com bust from the patriarchs who built a revolution. 7.9/10.

Plot Synopsis: Silicon Valley circa 1990s was a technology breeding ground that attracted visionaries and charlatans alike, spawning some of the world’s most influential people and recognizable brands. Set during that time, this six-part limited series follows the turbulent ride of three companies whose founders were trying to change the world using the emergent technology of the internet. Creator, director and executive producer Matthew Carnahan (`House of Lies’) employs a hybrid of scripted storytelling and documentary interviews with the key players whose stories are dramatized in the show. Emmy winner Bradley Whitford (`The West Wing’) leads the ensemble cast.

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