WarioWare: Touched (DS)

Another extremely innovative project from the craftsmen at Nintendo, WW:T infuses Japanese-style animation and criminally fun mini-minigames for a smile-slapping DS experience. 8.5/10.

Most Memorable Moment(s): 1. Wario at the Dentist, 2. Jimmy at Club Sugar

Pros: Great opening cartoon connecting Wario to the DS by breaking the fourth wall – funny + smart for the system, incredibly inventive and downright intriguing animation style almost mimicking anime/a Japanese flair that’s extremely innovative once again from nintendo, absolutely INCREDIBLE minigames!!! – these are really like mini-minigames only a couple of seconds but that’s a beautiful thing bc they’re so short you can have endless possibilities and you never know what you’re going to get next and you can play more of them while still having craftsman nintendo genius behind them – one of the most fun DS games I’ve ever played, variety of intriguing characters each having their own mini-story arc which is fantastic and endless customizability of minigames (makes for ridiculous amount of replayability too since it’s in essense neverending), energetic and exciting soundtrack,

Cons: Home screen a little crowded and non-intuitive to the uninitiated – the whole choosing a character thing was a poor choice in organization whn it could’ve been one story mode with different players to choose from, some (tiny #) of the minigames hard to figure out the objective and complete in the admittedly seconds-long timer

Overall Rating: 8.5/10