Citizen Kane (1941)

The Greatest Film Of All-Time, OW’s new-age opera, political-drama, black comedy, mystery-noir, satirization, romance, & biographical/psychologcal-pièta evolved art: complex, plot-eclectic, avant-garde metaphor of power, love, money, tragedy. 10/10

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A prismatic journey through the stars and events of galaxy history w. bold, complex, Da Vincian questions on the nature & mystery of mankind, God, machines, space, & civilization, Kubrick’s ’01: pure IQ & science-fiction. The #2 Film Of All-Time. 10/10.

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1967)

The definitive Spaghetti Western, Leone’s G/B/U satirizes classical western heroes & clear good vs. evil boundary lines; A blazing, whistle-tuned, stylishly-gunsmoked, hyperviolent, darwinian, egoistic, morality-dichotomized masterwork of film. 10/10.

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Alien (1979)

A magnum opus of biological horror and sci-fi expedition with an Odysseic score, Promethean world-building, pitch-black omen tone, parenthood/sex metaphysics, groundbreaking blends of genres, and the best movie-monster ever created. 9.8/10.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

The first true horror picture – jolting postwar masses & changing history launching the German Expressionist movement, Wiene’s nightmarish, metaphoric, silence-set psychological dreamscape is one of the most groundbreaking films of 1900s. 9.5/10.

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Seven Samurai (1956)

A bravura piece of filmmaking & the crown jewel of Akira Kurosawa’s filmography, 7S changed cinema’s landscape with action movies – boasting complexity, camera kineticism, legendary chambara, revolutionized narrative style, pure culture. 10/10.

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A Clockwork Orange (1971)

One of the most stylized depictions of violence & teenage spirit ever filmed with a cleverly-meta juxtaposition of insouciant classical waltzes & sadistic thrills by its psychologically-twisted protagonist, A.C.O.’s striking dystopian mastercraft. 9.4/10.

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