Freaky (2020)

Friday The 13th x Freaky Friday, Blumhouse has managed to craft another wickedly clever youth-energized innovation of slashers: a body-swap reversal of final-girl /killer dynamic w. ’80’s-meta, comical juxtaposition, & natl treasure Vaughn. 7.9/10.

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Stargirl (2020)

From its striking opening JSA scene, Stargirl breathes a pure nostalgic Silver-Age comic book lore/vibrance – boosted by classic Nebraska-set Americana, good CGI, mythology depth, youthful pop energized tone, & ablaze Brec Bassnger lead. 7.2/10.

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Shazam! (2019)

A brilliant cocktail of coming-of-age story, superhero origin, Christmas movie, and hilarious comedy with a lifetime-casting in Zachary Levi, dark villain in Dr. Silvana, & nostalgic heart – expertly handling the Seven Deadly Sins comics mythos. 8.5/10.

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