An immersive technical masterstroke impossibly (and groundbreakingly) filmed in one singular continuous shot that could change filmmaking history – stunningly ~wasted by a *shockingly*-soporific plot, opening act, and cast ensemble. 7.1/10.

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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

The end of an era, Endgame wraps up The Infinity Saga in epic style, with massive fandom service, emotional gravitas, a darker Thanos, psychological war-aftermath reflection, & one of the biggest and wildest final-acts in blockbuster history. 8/10.

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Dunkirk (2017)

A brilliantly-paced, powerfully-acted, gorgeously-cinematographed ticking-time bomb as metaphorical as its visceral Zimmer score, Nolan’s realism-grounded WWII-flick is a harrowing cerulean masterpiece on war’s little moments. 9.3/10.

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World War Z

Brutally fast-paced with epic-scale zombie scenes, but cacophonous & as scattered as its chaotic subject matter, WWZ is an action movie with moments but not nearly ~enough backstory, development, or investable non-Brad Pitt characters. 3.7/10.

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